Revox Joy S 208 Fjernkontroll

Revox Joy S 208 Fjernkontroll

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Revox Joy remote control.

It must be a piece of cake to operate! - This was the premise behind the S208 system remote control for the Revox product range. The elegant remote control with subtly lit buttons and a colour display controls the Joy family in a truly simple and intuitive manner, as it does other audio devices and your television. Multiple operating steps can be bundled together into a single press of a button using programmed macros (commands). The smart S208 from Revox puts you in control of your entire entertainment system with a single remote.

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Technical data


Remote control
Dimensions H 20 x W 52 x L 240 mm
Weight 190 g incl. battery
IR range 8 m
RF range

up to 65 m in open area

Frequency 2,4 GHz
Display 240 x 320 pixel colour screen
Data rate up to 2 Mbps
Operation time  approx. 1 week at normal operation
Docking station
Dimensions H 25 x W 80 x T 125 mm
Weight 200 g
Accessories Power supply