Revox Inwall I82

Revox Inwall I82

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Revox Build-in speakers - wherever sound counts.

While the Inceiling I52 and Inwall I52 are already thrilling customers, the Inceiling I82 and Inwall I82 also offer the demanding music lover an amazingly round spatial sound with lush bass. The stereo version with double tweeters is intended to provide excellent sound in particularly small spaces. Full bass, heavy durability and high efficiency are the benefits of Revox Build-in speakers. The separately available build-in housing simplifies installation during the construction stage and optimizes the sound properties. For music
enjoyment that knows no compromise.

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Technical data

Inwall I82

Power rating 80 Watt

Music power handling capacity 110 Watt

Impedance        6 Ohm

Frequency response      32 Hz - 20 kHz * 48 Hz - 20 kHz **

Efficiency (2.83V/1m)    90 dB

Woofer/Midrange            205 mm

Tweeter                                25 mm

Outer dimensions  250 x 250 mm

Cutout dimensions 222 x 222 mm

Installation depth                95 mm

Weight 2,1 kg

* within ceiling / ** with Revox cabinet*

Inwall I82